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 This Site Is Needs A Moderator

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PostSubject: This Site Is Needs A Moderator   Mon Aug 27, 2007 7:45 am

Im looking for a man / woman who have a responsibilities to do there job..

[ Global Moderator ]
[ Off-Topic Moderator ]
[ Layout Moderator ]
[ Chismis Moderator ]
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PostSubject: Re: This Site Is Needs A Moderator   Sat Sep 08, 2007 10:38 am

whats the job if a modirator if u dnt mind me asking Question
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PostSubject: Re: This Site Is Needs A Moderator   Wed Sep 26, 2007 8:39 am

can i apply to be one of ur moderator...i can be responsible to my job coz im always online..wahihihi...just tell me my responsibilities and i will do my best..
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PostSubject: Re: This Site Is Needs A Moderator   Tue Oct 09, 2007 11:31 am

cAn i apPLy fOR aDmin Very Happy
kidDing aSidE wELL


1. Well one of the responsiblities of moderator, from the word itself to moderate or to guide the new members of our site, you will help them find their way to the site...

2. Secondly, being a moderator doesnt mean you have all the power to bully any new members (or ban them if your a mod in the shout), you are not given the power to be rude at any new members if you dont like them.

3. If in the case that you encounter members that are not polite or spamming or posting any kinds or forms of porno, and some kind of a trouble maker, just warn them, if they are not listining to you, inform as Admins, and we will take the appropiate action on it.

Just stay cool always Very Happy

crEdit gOes tO kUya mAriO Of spArkcOm Very Happy

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Location : jAN zSAh LikOD

PostSubject: Re: This Site Is Needs A Moderator   Tue Oct 09, 2007 11:34 am

crEdit gOes tO kUA cOycOy Very Happy of spArkcOm

role of moderator

A forum moderator, often shortened to just mod, is a person granted special powers to enforce the rules of an Internet forum
Almost all moderators on all forums can move discussions to different sections of the forum, close discussions, edit the content of individual postings, answer questions (or help people with problems), and stick discussions so they remain visible in their forum section even if no new postings are made to them.

The roles of moderators can vary from forum to forum, just as the purposes of the forums themselves can vary. However, on boards intended to be public, moderators are generally accorded additional powers. This allows them to enforce forum rules and conduct administrative tasks that the forum owner does not trust ordinary users to perform.

Among a moderator's enforcement duties is often the duty to stop flaming and keep the board a friendly place, free of personal insults (but different boards have different standards, and what is acceptable on one will invariably be prohibited on another). Most boards also ban illegal material (such as warez) and outright pornography, and many also restrict the use of profanity and any violent or sexual images, however in other boards this is considered perfectly acceptable, or even the norm. Some sites will disallow pornographic subjects on the main forum but will set up a sub-forum solely for that.

On some boards, moderators are expected to stay out of all contentious debates, or at least to use alternate accounts to engage in them unbeknownst to common members. On most boards, however, moderators may participate just as any normal member, provided they remain civil and generally obey the site rules. Some boards require moderators not to moderate any discussion or topic they're involved in, and many moderators on other boards take this upon themselves to avoid conflict of interest and bias.

As always, there are many exceptions. On smaller boards or forums that are operated at the whim of the site operator and perhaps some of his or her friends, a moderator might be able to do whatever he feels like (provided they avoid crossing their colleagues and superiors). On any professional forum it is important to have clear rules posted, and that the moderators are consistently following these. Lack of order and respect for the rules will cause the board to lose maybe valuable and contributing softspoken members in favor of those who don't mind breaking rules to win arguments or silence members with opposing views. This risks turning any board into a one-man show of the loudest.

Depending on the forums ambition, it is important for a moderator to be available at all times to stem any crises or stop the forum's rules to be broken. Basically it is the moderators job to keep the forums clean and used properly.

moderators power
Moderators can have some or all of the following powers, depending on the specific forum. Some of the powers, where appropriate, may be restricted to a subsection of the board (see Division of power, below).

Moving conversations to a different section of the forum. Virtually all forums are organized into various sections by topic to allow users to more easily read what interests them without having to sort through many topics of discussion they find boring. Moderators of most forums are able to move a conversation to a section more suited to it. On most modern forum software packages, a notice may be left in the original section so that those who contributed to the conversation earlier will be able to find it where they left it, at least for a few days.

(Note: forum sections are often ambiguously referred to themselves as "boards" or "forums". For instance, "I posted in the Wikipedia forum on the MediaWiki board" would be unexceptional in most communities, meaning "I posted in the section of the MediaWiki forum devoted to Wikipedia". For the sake of clarity, this article uses section to refer to sections of a board and forum or board to refer to an entire board.)

Closing/locking threads (which term is used varies from community to community and software package to software package). Postings to Internet forums are organized into topics or threads of postings, typically organized sequentially by time of posting to form a conversation of sorts (see Internet forum). Most forums allow their moderators to close a given thread to further posting, effectively ending the conversation. This allows the existing content to remain fully visible, so that readers can easily see the moderator's reasons for closing the thread (it's generally customary for the moderator to post an explanation immediately before or after closing a thread). Certain users, generally moderators and administrators, may be able to post in closed threads, depending on the specific software package and configuration, although of course allowing too many users to post in closed threads defeats the purpose of closing the thread in the first place.
Editing posts. In the event that a post is made that contains only some content that breaches forum rules, moderators are usually able to remove that content while still leaving any legitimate content. Even if an entire post is removed via editing, users will still be able to see who originally posted it and when it was originally posted, so that users who view the thread later won't be confused by any references to it. Usually this method is used to remove illegal or grossly offensive material that would remain visible in a closed thread, or else to stop a single post from derailing an entire thread.

Most forum software shows an edit notice whenever a post is edited, to prevent words from being put in a user's mouth (or to prevent a user from erasing evidence that he said something objectionable). This option can typically be made optional for certain categories of users if desired.

Pinning/sticking threads (again, the term used varies). The threads in a section are usually displayed in reverse chronological order by last post. This means that the threads at the top of the listing for a section will be the ones in which someone has most recently posted, and therefore posting in a thread will "bump" it to the top of the listing. However, pinned or sticky threads remain above unpinned threads at all times, no matter how old. This may be used to, for instance, keep a copy of forum rules at the top of every section of the board, or a popular thread.
Deleting posts and threads. There are different kinds of deletion, and different moderators on different forums may be empowered to use different kinds. In general, something that's deleted vanishes from public view, if it continues to exist at all.

The simplest form of deletion is variously called hard-deletion, physical removal, or (on forums that don't support other deletion options) simply deletion. Essentially, content deleted in this way is not recoverable through the forum software. It may be stored in backups, and some data recovery methods may work, but such methods are usually difficult. Many forums restrict hard-deletion to only a handful of individuals, requiring lower-level moderators to use more reversible methods.

Splitting and merging threads. If two threads exist on similar topics, or multiple topics are being discussed in one thread, the threads can be merged or the thread can be split.
Blocking/banning users (again, the term varies). Some forums allow some or all moderators to restrict or eliminate a troublesome user's posting or sometimes even their viewing rights. Other boards restrict this ability to administrators. Of course, suspension of a user's account doesn't prevent the user from signing up under a different name, and for this reason a few forums also allow moderators to ban IP addresses (many boards that allow moderators to ban restrict the ability to IP-ban to administrators, however).
Changing user account information. Moderators in some cases may alter certain aspects of a user's account, such as the avatar or signature, in a case of profanity or other circumstances.
Viewing IP addresses. An IP address is the way Internet-enabled computers communicate with each other, and most forums log the IP address that all postings are made from. In general, this serves to aid identification of users, in combination with less technological means such as writing style, but it is by no means foolproof (see Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol and proxy server for two main ways in which it can be thwarted). IP addresses can therefore assist in stopping ban evasion, for instance. In general, ordinary users are prohibited from seeing others' IP addresses for reasons of privacy and security—if a hacker or otherwise technologically-savvy individual knows an IP address, it's possible for him to "attack" it in various ways, possibly taking revenge for the expression of views he disagrees with or the like.
Many other powers can be allocated to moderators, but the above are all the most important ones. In general, all moderator actions will be logged for administrators to refer to later, so moderators can't take any special actions without their superiors being able to determine that they were the ones who did it.
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PostSubject: Re: This Site Is Needs A Moderator   Sun Oct 28, 2007 9:15 pm

My personal opinion is, if you have the button, you are authorized to use it. Something like Move Topic, Delete, Edit, and more. It's a good practice though to let the post/topic's owner about what you did.

I don't want to be tied up on something 'cause I am Bulakbol. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: This Site Is Needs A Moderator   

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This Site Is Needs A Moderator
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